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38th Street, 2 PM 


MAY 2012

A visual and sound  meditation created by Diana Leidel with video artist Cat Del Buono on a typical block
of the Fashion District of Manhattan, 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in New York City, consisting
of  a stream of more than 600 intimately scaled images , video and sound encircling the walls of the gallery
that capture the energy, variety, color, intensity of the street  
and unceasing relentlessness of
Fashion District daily life.

These are a selection of the images in the installation and a video interview with the artists

Video Interview

38th St, 2 PM

An interview with the artists Diana Leidel and Cat Del Buono before the opening


D    I    A    N    A        L    E    I    D    E    L 

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