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In the Ladies', Silver

Stall, Black and Silver, one of 40+ digital prints and a frame from the work in progress video and still series "In the Ladies'"

Selected Exhibitions



Ron's Socks, 2016, digital print on paper


National Juried Exhibition, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, New York

June 29-July 30, 2017

Something May Be Happening Here invites us to examine our experience of surveillance and how it affects our lives. Photographic presentations, each in a series of “moments,” in large digital prints, portray scenes of real or imagined surveillance in Amsterdam, Miami, London and New York. The installation invites viewers to ask themselves, “Do I see something going on here? Is this possibly criminal activity? Are these simply images of innocent actions in daily life?A recorded voice describes what may or may not be happening in the photos. Gallery visitors will be informed that the premises may be under surveillance and by entering the gallery they may be recorded on videotape,for “artistic training” purposes.




Something May Be Happening Here

The Surveillance Series, solo exhibition, 2016

Gallery Gaia  79 Hudson Ave, (Vinegar Hill) Brooklyn, NY 11201


Ornithology Exhibition, Dendroica Gallery, Seattle,  W a s h i n g t o n, 2 016

Crow Number 6, ink on paper


Canal House 2, digital print on paper, 30" x 40"           

The Candy Factory, Brooklyn, NY

November, 2015

Surveillance 44th Street, three panels, each 17" x 14", digital print on paper

Residual Impressions

a look at contemporary printmaking

The Abrazo Gallery, Clemente Center

November, 2014, New York, NY






An Installation at the New York Transit Museum in "Platform", June 2014

portraits of dozing subway commuters


11" x 14" digital prints on metal





A Celebration of Notable Women
You May Have Never Heard Of


A Visual, Sound and Video Installation
with Cat Del Buono


Gallery Gaia, Brooklyn, NY, June 2015


Chashama 38th Street, June 2014




Wild Women





D    I    A    N    A        L    E    I    D    E    L 

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